For Meira Farkas, it is the quintessence of piano music to which she has dedicated herself with humility her whole life long.

Though her repertoire embraces most of the works of the classical and romantic composers, Meira Farkas has always had special  affinity for Franz Schubert, and he remains the fixed star on her musical firmament.

The two latest CDs by Meira Farkas deliver ample proof of this: 

Franz Schubert, Wandererfantasie * 4 Piano Sonatas 
Publisher: Gramola 2011 
Available from: * * iTunes

Press review: Meira Farkas treats Schubert’s music with fond affection, as can be heard in every single note. With a fine intuition for graduated differences between emotions as diverse as indignant, brash, insubordinate, spirited, cheerful, accepting, resigning she colours Schubert’s melancholia with a wonderfully relaxed manner. (Radio Stephansdom, 2011)


Audio Samples:
Franz Schubert, Sonata in E minor D 566, Allegretto

Franz Schubert, Sonata in G major D 894 op. 78 "Fantasia", Menuetto-Allegro moderato


Franz Schubert, Die letzten Klavierwerke 
Publisher: Gramola 2006 
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Press review: With her, the sonatas never become lecture demos. Rather, they comprise a lyrical or dramatic, sad and occasionally even humorous monologue. Leave-taking from this world without a hint of wrath: in fact, almost heaven. (Karl Löbl, Kurier)



Audio Samples:
Franz Schubert, Sonata in C Minor, D 958, Allegro

Franz Schubert, Sonata in B flat Major D 960, Allegro, Andante sostenuto